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How to Prevent Account Takeover

John Marsh (2021-06-11)

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Account takeover (ATO) is a kind of fraud that happens when a lousy celebrity uses stolen or stolen credentials to get legitimate client accounts. Once lousy actors get accounts, they're able to do a great deal of harm. Not only could they get personally identifier info, but they are able to drain loyalty points, steal client information, or buy products or services.And it is not tough to see why. Bad actors may take within an account with only a couple of data elements: complete name, date of arrival, password, telephone number, username, email address, or Social Security number.In general, accounts takeover is a significant concern for businesses across businesses that conduct business online or shop customer info supporting secured accounts. So let us explore the symptoms of an ATO assault, what causes accounts takeover potential, how ATO strikes affect various businesses, the consequences of accounts takeover, and also how to prevent account takeover strikes.The best way to prevent account takeover is to implement an account takeover solution. The right solution can help businesses prevent fraud without adding unnecessary friction to the customer experience. 



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