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An E-2 Investor Visa Can Secure Your Residence in Turkey

Rosalee Donahue (2021-11-03)

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Turkey's Turkey Citizenship by Investment scheme, also referred to as the Turkey Citizenship through Investment scheme or the Turkey Investment Program (TIP), is an exceptional scheme in the European Union. The main aim of this scheme is to help businessmen and individuals invest in Turkey and receive the benefits accordingly. The Turkey Citizenship by Investment scheme has thus become one of the best and most successful in the whole world mainly because of its extensive coverage and flexibility.The Turkish citizenship through investment scheme allows the least 50 eligible persons to make investments in Turkey either through personal savings accounts, small and medium enterprises or through purchasing securities and property. The scheme enables you to invest in any of the following areas in Turkey: agriculture, fish production, animal breeding, textiles, electrical and mechanical engineering, construction material manufacturing, petroleum and coal production, tourism, telecommunications, private transportation, media and telecommunications, renewable energy, private finance, media and entertainment, information technology, health care, banking and the financial sector. If you are an individual investor, you can invest in any of these sectors and receive the full benefits according to the rules laid down by the authorities of Turkey. However, if you wish to take out a mortgage on an estate in Turkey, you will have to get a Turkish mortgage and this process cannot be done without the relevant documents.If you are a corporate citizen of Turkey , you can easily invest in Turkey. You can open a bank account either at the commercial banks in Turkey or in any of the leading banks in Europe like the EIB Bosch or in the Eurobank. There are two types of options that are available for you: first, you can invest in shares and stocks of companies registered in Turkey or on the foreign exchanges; secondly, you can invest in the equity markets of Turkey or receive full capital transfer as per the law.If you wish to invest in shares and stocks of companies registered in Turkey, you have to apply for the relevant registration documents from the Ministry of Economic Affairs of Turkey. After getting the registration done, you can directly invest in any share or stock of your choice. Once you invest a fixed amount in a share in any company, you will automatically become a permanent resident of that company. However, if you wish to be eligible for the permanent residence permit, you will have to take part in the country's national education program. If you pass the exam successfully, you will receive a residence permit.If you wish to invest in Turkey's stock market, you need to open an account in any of the leading banks in Turkey or in the European banking associations like EIB Bosch or in the Eurozone. Once you open an account in a reputed bank in Turkey or in an European bank, you will automatically become a citizen of that bank. There is no restriction on the kind of investments you can make in Turkey's stock market. You can invest in shares and stocks of almost all of the leading multinational companies of Turkey like Hristim Ltd., TRT, FMC, Eny Holding, Zor Technologies, Kocam Istanbul, TECOM, OPM, Bertani Trading, and Cirla Holding.The moment you become a Turkish citizen, you can easily invest in any property in Turkey. The properties for sale in turkey are generally of condominiums or apartments. Two of the best places where you can invest in real estate property are Antalya and Marmaris. If you are a person who has plans of purchasing an apartment in Antalya, you will have to register yourself as a permanent foreign investor before purchasing any apartment in Antalya.As a participant of a three-year program offering Turkey citizenship, you can easily take advantage of the real estate boom in Turkey. The rapid growth of the tourism industry in Turkey has made it one of the hottest investment destinations in Europe. In addition to this, there is no need for you to fulfill the requirements for a permanent residency if you are planning on investing in this property market as there are no restrictions on it.The government has also taken necessary steps to enhance the competence level of its authorities in international law. They have restricted the amount of foreign money that can be invested in Turkey. You can still access these loans and investment opportunities if you have an e-2 investor visa. The e-2 investor visa is provided to investors who have permanent residency in Turkey. The investment opportunities in Turkey are thus varied and numerous. Whether you wish to purchase property in Antalya, Marmaris or any other region in Turkey, you can easily get a hold of them through e-2 investor visa.Source : الجنسية التركية عبر الاستثما

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