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John Marsh (2021-12-30)

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You might be thinking about reaching out to a counsellor or psychotherapist but you are unsure if therapy is right for you.Some people who have never been to a counsellor are unsure if their problems or concerns warrant counselling or therapy. Due to this uncertainty, they take no action. Most times when left unresolved, problems grow and become more complicated. I have found that when issues are addressed sooner rather than later, it is easier to understand what changes need to be made and, through feeling supported, clients can begin to get past (or deal with) the difficult situation. Dealing with Problems in TherapyMost people that contact me have pretty much already decided that they want to start counselling. There is usually a sense of urgency due to a specific crisis going on in their lives and they've realized that they are no longer able to handle it on their own. They have made the decision to reach out and start to explore their options for feeling better. counselling hamiltonThen there are other people that have more of a longer-term sense of dissatisfaction with their lives. There may not be any specific situation or crisis going on, but rather they just don't feel fulfilled - maybe like something is missing. They might feel that they are not the best version of themselves, they feel stuck, misunderstood, or have always struggled in relationships.Whatever might be going on, it is never a bad idea to choose to go to counselling, even for one or two sessions. Similar to preventative medicine, addressing issues early on can oftentimes avert a potential crisis.If you have any questions or want to learn more about how counselling hamilton can help, I invite you to explore my website or contact me.

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