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Richard and Berengaria marry in Cyprus

Carlyn D. Graey (2022-01-12)

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Richard and Berengaria marry in Cyprus
Two days later Henry II died inChinon, and Richard I succeeded him as King of England,Duke of Normandy, andCount of Anjou. Roger of Hoveden claimed that Henry's corpse bled from the nostril in Richard's presence, which was taken as an indication that Richard had brought on his dying. He was officially topped duke on20th July1189 and king inWestminster on3rd September1189. In 1170, his elder brotherHenry the Young King was crowned king of England as Henry III. In spring 1173, Richard joined his brothers, Henry and Geoffrey, in a revolt in opposition to their father.
In 1188 Henry II deliberate to concede Aquitaine to his youngest son John. The following 12 months, 1189 Richard tried to take the throne of England for himself by becoming a member of Philip's expedition in opposition to his father. On4th July1189, Richard and Philip’s forces defeated Henry's military at Ballans. Henry, with John's consent, agreed to call Richard his inheritor.

Richard and Berengaria marry in Cyprus

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