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1. Fall In Love With Me

  • Logline: A successful advertising prodigy decides to hide his identity and starts working in a small advertising agency.

  • Year: 2014

  • Genre: Rom-com, Chinaq

  • Cast: Aaron Yan, Tia Li, Beatrice Fang

Following the reading of the synopsis, I have no doubt whatsoever that the drama will pique your interest in some kind. Sadly, it was not possible to achieve perfection. The concert got off to a strong start, but by the conclusion, it had lost some of its momentum. In spite of this, I enjoyed my time spent watching it on Netflix, and I believe that if you do not have really high expectations for it, you will also like it. 劇迷線上看
Lu Tian Xing is a prodigy in the field of advertising, but all of a sudden he makes the decision to take a sabbatical from work for three months. After that, he assumes the identity of Xiao Lu and joins the Tao Le Si advertising firm, which is struggling financially. After a period of time, Le Si begins to develop feelings for Xiao Lu, despite the fact that she dislikes Tian Xing. But what will she do when she discovers that Xiao Lu is really Tian Xing?
2. Love Cuisine

  • Logline: Four young culinary professors struggle to work together due to love and envy. 

  • Year: 2015

  • Genre: Love Triangle, 独播库

  • Cast: Lego Lee, Allison Lin, Nita Xia

It's hard to find a Taiwanese drama that does love triangle and jealousy storylines properly. There aren't that many of them. Love Cuisine is one such drama that does an excellent job of combining an intense love tale with a tough friendship rivalry. Both of these components, together with a compelling storyline, come together to create an unexpected treasure of Taiwanese drama. 陸劇線上看
After enjoying a successful career as a famous chef in Europe, Han Jie is forced to fulfil a promise he made to his former teacher and move his family back to Taiwan. Han made a commitment to his teacher that he would share his knowledge with others in his own region.
He makes the decision to work as a cooking instructor at a local high school, and while there, he learns that his boyhood buddy and the daughter of his mentor also work at the same institution.
It seems that Han Jei, his buddies, and one of his colleagues all have the same feelings for Fang Xiao Rou, who is their mentor's daughter. The plot of the novel focuses on how four of them manage to retain their jobs as cooking instructors despite the many challenges they face.

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