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Sinai Pearl Marble

karem hassan hassan (2023-09-10)

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Triesta Marble
Sinai Pearl Marble

Sinai Pearl is the third most well-known Egyptian limestone as well as it is one of the best seller stone types. Its quarries are located in the north and the south of Sinai Peninsula. The 1st quality of Triesta Marble blocks comes from the south area (far away from the conflict area).

It's rare to find Big block 1st quality of Triesta , because many of Sinai Pearl blocks have defects.

It comes into two different colors 1) Yellowish, 2) Grey. Yellowish Triesta Marble is more widespread than Triesta Grey Marble.

Sinai Pearl Features: -

Anti-freezing material, so it can be used both outdoor and indoor

Most finishes can be applied on it such as:

Polished (the most well-known).

Honed (also well known, because it looks better when it becomes honed)


Soft & hard Bush-hammered (sometimes it is accompanied by brushing after Bush-hammering it, it is used in flooring of pools, paving, cladding, etc.).

Acid -Tumbled - Split Face - Sandblasted

Flamed (Not all of the Triesta Marble slabs accept the flaming process, and it undergoes pore lightening process by acidulating it, to make the process of flaming more effective).

Note 1: Brushed, Acid, Bush-hammered finishes can be applied before or after cutting the slabs into tiles. But applying the finishes before cutting into tiles, is more expensive than cutting after applying the finishes, because cutting the slab into tiles before applying the finishes is less wastage. Anyway, it's done according to the client desire.

Note 2: Honed with Tumbled finishes are the most well known

It is used in Exteriors & interiors, walls & floors, cladding, Paving, Fountains, Pools, etc.

Weight of the m2 of 3cm T: approx. 77 kg

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