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Painting Academy

Michael Alexander (2022-06-16)

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Painting Academy
The Old Masters Academy oil painting course is a great way to learn about the art of painting. It's a rigorous and inspiring program that will help you develop your skills as a painter. This art academy offers innovative instruction in using modern oil painting materials to create paintings that look like the great masters from centuries ago. In the Old Masters Academy Online Course, you'll learn how to paint like the old masters using modern materials. This course will teach you all about the different art materials used by the Old Masters, and how to use contemporary paints and mediums to achieve the same effects. You will learn how to select the best paints and other tools for oil painting, so you can create stunning artworks. You will learn how to mix and apply oil paints in the correct way, so that your art will look its best. Many techniques used in oil painting were employed by the old masters - using warm and cool colors, creating harmony and contrast, using various textural effects, and using mechanical and optical mixing of colors. You will find nine different ways of painting in oil that have been used for centuries by the Old Masters. You will learn the gradual process of different drawing methods, including direct and indirect drawing, alla prima, painting in layers, and the application of transparent glazing. You will discover an in-depth analysis of the painting techniques used by Titian and Rembrandt, as well as a description of their genres, working methods, pigments and media, and how they painted figures and portraits, landscapes, still lifes and draperies. You will learn step by step how to draw as old masters by watching the course teacher making oil paintings in front of your eyes from blank canvas to finished artwork. You will also discover the creative drawing techniques in graphite and sanguine by watching how professional fine artist create portrait and figure drawings. The Old Masters' painting techniques are at the heart of the Correspondence Course. Such methods are simply not taught in modern art colleges. Depending on your current skills and knowledge, academy tutors will create a customized curriculum for you. This curriculum will provide you with a variety of art topics and assignments that will help you improve your oil painting skills. The Old Masters Academy Correspondence Course offers a carefully curated curriculum that will help you improve your painting skills. As a student at the Old Masters Academy, you'll have access to the library of 60 video lessons for the rest of your life. It's really exciting to have the tutor sitting next to you, watching her work as she paints and draws. No modern art college teacher will ever show you by example how to create different masterpieces, giving a step-by-step explanation. At Old Masters Academy, you can study at your own pace, on your own schedule, and without any pressure. Becoming a member of Old Masters Academy means you'll have access to our exceptional resources for the rest of your life. It's a one-time fee that will be worth it! At Old Masters Academy, we provide unlimited support for your artwork all throughout your lifetime. In addition to receiving critiques, you also have access to our library and other resources for free. The Old Masters Academy offers an oil painting course that includes unlimited personal support from the course tutor at no extra cost. This is the perfect course for those who want to improve their painting skills and achieve success. The course tutor will use both paint and drawing to illustrate key concepts in traditional oil painting and creative drawing techniques. This way, you'll be able to understand everything clearly and be able to apply it to your own work. The course is designed to help you learn oil painting methods quickly and effectively, and to improve your skills significantly. It's both beginner-friendly and highly-effective for advanced students. You may check out our free video lessons:

Old Masters Academy

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