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Love on Tour Merch (2022-07-18)

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Things were obviously over and again delayed because of you-know-what, yet it looks like 2022 may at long last be the year for UK Harry fans.

Harry fans took over Twitter this week as tickets opened up, after they had their passes to the first field visit discounted.

The US were blessed to receive live shows by the 'Watermelon Sugar' vocalist last year when he hit the road with 'Adoration On Tour' and the pop symbol is getting back to the homeland for shows in London, Manchester and Glasgow in the not so distant future, with exceptional visitor Mitski.

On Saturday 11 June Harry will be assuming control over Glasgow's Ibrox Stadium prior to hitting up Manchester on 15 June.

On 18 June he'll illuminate Wembley Stadium for the first of two evenings at the notorious scene Shop Love on Tour Merchandise

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