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Ripped pants can be either high waist or low waist, which makes them slimmer and taller and can be easily worn with bottoms for boys. For girls with fleshy bottoms, wear a short skirt that ends around the ankle. Short skirt is very thin, but we should pay attention to the length is too short will show yoga pants as wide as the upper and lower, and too long easy to appear short legs, length is about the ankle. In addition to pleated pants, over-the-knee skirts are also a good partner to over-the-knee socks, which are sexy and slimming. There are so many ways to pair yoga pants that they look simple, but can be extremely tall and slim. Here's a look at some other factors besides height that can affect how a dress fits. 1. The material of the upper yoga tops body, do not wear hemp yoga pants, this material has a smell, the front is a little inflated compared to the bottom, the back will appear relatively flat, should avoid wearing this.
This is best done in a soft color, such as dark brown. Or opt for silk yoga pants with silk fabric inside, as shown here, with soft colors on the front for an intellectual look. And the back can be equipped with a belt design, will play a long effect on the figure.Skirt color can not be too gorgeous, too gorgeous clothes will be considered difficult to handle

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