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Browline glasses history

Nick swift Swift (2023-11-28)

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Browline glasses, also known as clubmaster glasses, are eyeglasses that feature a thick upper frame and a thin lower frame. The upper frame is usually made of acetate or plastic, while the lower frame is made of metal or a thinner material to support the lens. They were invented in 1947 by Jack Rohrbach, then vice-president of Shuron Ltd., an eyeglass company. The first browline, sold under the “Ronsir” model name, were made out of interchangeable bridges, eyewires, and “brows,” allowing wearers to completely customize the size, fit, and color of their glasses. Browlines enjoyed immense popularity throughout the 1950s and early 1960s, accounting for half of all eyeglasses sold and worn during this decade. The design was quickly emulated by various other manufacturers, becoming the most common style of eyeglasses before it was surpassed in popularity by solid plastic styles. Browlines enjoyed a renaissance as sunglasses in the 1980s before returning to popularity in the 2010s, with the rise of retro style and the hipster subculture.

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