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Plasterer Jobs AvailableA plasterer is someone who works with plaster, including formulating a solid layer of plaster over an exterior wall or ceiling, molding decorative plaster moldings into ceilings or walls, or creating a thin layer of plaster over a floor or countertop. The process of making plasterwork, also known as plastering, has been in use in building construction for many centuries. Modern plasters are made with new advances in plastering technology that enable them to be done more quickly and more economically than in the past. Plastering can be done both on a flat surface such as a ceiling or wall or on a sloping surface such as a floor. Plasterer There are some jobs that are better suited for people who wish to be plasterers than others. Plasterers who work on plastering walls must work fast to make changes that need to be made to a wall that has been damaged. In some cases, plaster may have to be changed on a wall that is not damaged, in order to fix something that has gone wrong. For example, if there was damage to the wall that needs to be fixed, but it is not totally broken, the plasterer might be able to make small holes in the wall so that the new plaster can be added in. This process is called taping. Plasterers who work on ceilings might be called upon to sand down the plaster before adding it to the wall. Sanding requires a heavy-duty machine that is usually operated by a professional plasterer, although a do-it-yourself kit will often contain the necessary tools. Sanding can be done by hand, but it takes a lot of time, and for large jobs, it might be better to hire a machine. When working on walls, plasterers will most often be required to use a special lime or gypsum plaster. A plasterer must be careful not to let any lime or gypsum escape from the plaster as they can damage walls or ceilings. Lime and gypsum are both heavier than sand, and it takes more pressure to drag them through the plaster. If you want to become a plasterer, you need to complete an apprenticeship program. An apprenticeship program is designed to train inexperienced plasterers on the job. An apprenticeship program can help you gain valuable real-world experience and give you valuable networking connections that could help you land your first job as a skilled plasterer. Many plasterer's guilds have an apprenticeship program that works with experienced plasterers in your area. To be eligible for an apprenticeship in plastering, you need to be at least 18 years old. You must have successfully completed high school and have at least a diploma from an accredited school. Your ambition is to reach the level of certified plasterer. To achieve this level you must successfully complete an apprenticeship program. Most state apprenticeship boards require that you successfully pass a level 3 plastering exam. To become a certified plasterer you must work experience for two years under the supervision of a licensed plasterer.


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