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Art anatomy

Michael Alexander (2022-07-19)

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Art anatomy
I really love the Anatomy Master Class - This online video course teaches you how to draw realistic human figures and portraits using expert knowledge of human anatomy and proportions. I found 25 excellent video lessons that cover human anatomy. I learned more about anatomy for artists in this online course than I did in four years at the art college. In the Anatomy Master Class, the experienced course teachers provide personal support for learning anatomy. This course is perfect for artists who want to learn anatomy quickly and easily - with lifetime access to video lessons and bonus materials. In the video lessons of the Anatomy course, you will learn only the important information without having to remember the Latin names. It is a step-by-step process of anatomy of the human body, head and face, skeleton, anatomy of muscles, figurative drawing, drawing a person from memory and imagination, and drawing realistic portraits. To learn more about this online course, you can check out its free video lessons:

Anatomy Master Class

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