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Chimney Repair Checks

John Marsh (2021-09-11)

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Annual Chimney Repair Checks Should Be Scheduled Around the Time of Your Best TimeChimneys need to be serviced and maintained from time to time in order to prevent damage to your home and property. When the weather heats up, most people notice that their chimneys start to get clogged with leaves and other debris. While this is usually obvious, chimney maintenance and repairs are still necessary if you want to save money on your heating bills. By the time you notice it, the damage could have already been done and will have a high cost to fix. Chimney Repair The main reason for a chimney to get clogged is because of creosote buildup. Creosote is a by-product of the burning of fuel in a wood stove or fireplace. Unfortunately, creosote is flammable and poses serious risks to anyone near the burning area. If you suspect that your chimney needs to be serviced, the best thing to do is call a chimney cleaning company. They have the equipment and training to safely remove creosote and dispose of it safely. One of the biggest hazards of chimney repair is the presence of creosote. Creosote is a thick, sticky, substance that forms under your chimney flue after years of being exposed to moisture and smoke. Small cracks in your chimney flue can allow creosote to build up and eventually cause damage to your home. A broken flue that is creosote damaged is likely to leak acidic chemicals into the air and that will eat away at the brick, wood and other household building materials, creating a major health risk. Chimney repairs typically involve two types of repair work: repair of the mortar joints and repair of the flue itself. Most brick buildings have some sort of mortar between the bricks. This mortar acts as a thermal insulator and holds the entire house up from the cold roof above. When this mortar begins to crack, leaks begin to appear throughout the house. The mortar joint is the weak point between the mortar joints and the roof. When this joint begins to crack, the roof can continue to fail over time because the mortar is no longer holding the house up. The first step to brick chimney repair is removing any bricks that are affected by the cracked mortar. After the bricks have been removed, you will need to replace them with new bricks and then replace the mortar joints between the new bricks and the old mortar. Chimney inspections should also be scheduled around the time of any major repairs. A qualified chimney inspector should inspect your chimney not only for leaks but for any other possible issues such as cracks in the flue itself or the mortar joints themselves. By having your chimney inspected by a certified inspector before any major repairs are made you can avoid spending much money when these repairs are made. By having your chimney repaired and inspected on an annual basis you can ensure your home is safe and you will save money in the future.


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