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Dissertation Statistics – Don’t be left behind  

Brittany Nipp (2021-10-12)

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Dissertation Statistics – Don’t be left behind
Students of education, psychology, business, and Medicine and other areas might face unique statistical problems while working on their dissertation. Usually various complex Statistical analysis like Descriptive Statistics, Traditional Inferential Statistics, Nonparametric Inferential Statistics, Multivariate Statistics etc  are done using software packages like SPSS, E-Views, Stata, R, SAS, Minitab and others.
The following three steps from are essential in any statistical writing for research work

  1. a) Simplifying Statistics – By matching the proposed analysis to appropriate statistical software.


  1. b) Conversion of the data or facts collected into a statistically tested hypothesis.


  1. c) Selecting a suitable hypothesis test relevant to the research question.

 At our company, Dissertation Statistics Service is provided to PhD students by a team of statisticians with statistical qualifications and thorough knowledge of various statistical software namely SPSS, SAS, Stata and E-Views. As statisticians hold degrees and PhD’s in Statistics with expertise in all major statistical tools and techniques, it enables them to provide correct and expert Dissertation Help Service.  Our statisticians help the students to relate the data analysis to further chapters interpret each table or graph in a summary. Dissertation Help Service is also provided by holding discussions with the students through virtual meetings at any time of the day.  For this purpose, we build a customized mentoring package based on the requirement of a student. The charges for statistical dissertation depend on the volume of data and interpretations. We have so far assisted 700 scholars with their statistical dissertations
At our dissertation and essay help service, every student with a statistical dissertation requirement is helped to Develop research questions and hypotheses, address methodology issues including design, variables, and procedures,  develop a data analysis plan, perform a power analysis for required sample size, analysis of data, addressing the chair or committee comments in matters of methodology and statistics and preparation of the dissertation defense.
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