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In this article, we decided to analyze the main parameters of your term paper or thesis. In any case, this is a study that must comply with certain rules. If you know these rules and advise them, you will succeed. Therefore, the experts of EssayAssistant are simply obliged to voice them for the public of students.

Theoretical and practical significance of the work
An important element of virtually any thesis is defining how it can be used in real life. For this, the scientific theoretical and practical significance of the thesis is formed. Their names are already clear that we will talk about how to use information for further study of the topic by other authors and how to apply it now.

And so, the theoretical significance of the thesis is quite understandable. It shows how much the author's theoretical knowledge of the topic deepens. That is, you add your point of view to many other authors, and thereby increase the theoretical base of developments on the topic. An example is the theoretical value from work on biological research of certain insects. By the way, if your work in biology is stalled and you do not know what to write next or find its theoretical significance, we will help you

Scientific novelty of the introduction
Along with the theoretical and practical significance of the research, there is also the scientific novelty of the thesis . This is the author's new contribution to the development of knowledge about the topic of the thesis. It is rather controversial because it is difficult to determine if you are really the first person to do research on this or that topic. Therefore, you can not bother much about the formation of the novelty of the thesis.

You can just imagine that you are the first person to study this topic and think about how you would shape your contribution to its development. And we want to help you in this matter and give several examples of scientific novelty, from which you can easily guess about the topic of the thesis.

Additional fragments of the introduction
In addition to the previously mentioned mandatory parts of the introduction of the thesis, there are a number of additional ones. They are not found in all works, but they may also be required by methodological recommendations. Among them:

Approbation of the results. If, during the educational process, you happened to write an article for a scientific journal, or take part in a scientific conference, then in this part of the introduction you will need to indicate the topic of your publication, the place where it was made and in what year. It is believed that in the thesis, which claims to be highly appreciated, approbation must be present without fail.
Literature review. In this fragment of the introduction, you need to select 4-5 main literary (scientific) works that you relied on while writing your thesis and give them a small description.
Personal contribution of the author . Here they describe what contribution the creator of the work made to the development of the topic. This element of the introduction is very similar in meaning to the scientific novelty of the work. So these concepts can be considered synonymous.
Experimental research base. If your work concerns the conduct and processing of the results of a scientific experiment with people, then at this point it is worth indicating where you received the human resource (school, university, institution, social networks, etc.).
Research information base. A brief description of the key information that was used in the work (books, Internet resources, scientific articles).
The volume and structure of the thesis. This point is always at the end of the introduction, as it summarizes all the work. Naturally, it is written at the very end, but the skeleton can be sketched at the beginning. True, it depends on the methodological requirements. After all, as one sentence in the style "the work includes 3 sections and takes 70 pages" may be enough, and it happens that you need to paint the essence of each section into one paragraph.
We know that this may seem complicated, so we launched a course in which we will teach students to write works in absolutely all specialties. If you are interested and want someone to help you figure it out and assign a curator to you, then click on the banner.

We also decided to share with you a sample of a high-quality introduction to the thesis. If you want to receive it, then fill out a short application and it will arrive to you today.


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