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Have you tried the game Geometry Dash?

Spencer Key McIntyre (2022-04-20)

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Geometry Dash is a reaction-based game with a single button. Your goal is to hop your little cube over or over numerous obstacles while listening to music that has become so etched in my brain that I can recall it at a moment's notice. If you miss a leap or collide with an obstacle, you will die and have to retry the level. You already know if you'll enjoy or despise this game.

I'm a masochist, therefore these kinds of games appeal to me. The games that squint at you with one raised brow and say, "Oh, you think you're a game master? Do you consider yourself to be a quick thinker? Dipshit, try this on for size ".. No game accomplishes this better than geometry dash, whose learning curve changes dramatically from level to level as new elements like bounce pads and small blue things that reverse gravity are introduced. Several times during the game, you will travel through a portal and transform into a spaceship. It's an absurdly punishing and difficult game, especially if you don't use Practice Mode, which I never used because I felt it detracted from the game.

Why did I keep going with it?

Because of all those times when I'd finally get through that perplexingly difficult section of the level that I'd been stuck on for 10 minutes and discover new things, forcing me to respond to them on the go with little time to think or plan. The only image that comes to me during those times is of a befuddled hairy-bald man yelling and playing the piano with no idea how he's doing it.

Bill Bailey is in charge, baby

I can only say that this is a terrific time waster and an enjoyable experience. If you spend all of your time in this game working on community initiatives, it will start to feel like a job. I can see why I've invested over 16,000 hours in this game, though I'm not sure I'm proud of it.

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