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Arcade Archives VS. Super Mario Bros. Review

Oliver Roberson (2022-04-20)

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Super Mario Bros. was introduced in 1985, and it made a lot of people happy by providing excellent platforming action and selling a lot of NES systems in the process. Numerous successors followed, but the original game has stayed available on many machines throughout the years, with some improvements such as updated visuals (SNES) and additional modes (Game Boy Color). The Game Boy Advance, GameCube (with Action Replay enabled), and all three Virtual Console services have all released the original NES version. Arcade Archives VS. Super Mario Bros. is now available on Switch, but it's a little different from what's come before.

VS. Super Mario Bros, which arrived in arcades a year after the home console release, appears to be identical to ordinary Super Mario Bros, with the same tight controls, visual appearance, and Koji Kondo's fantastic music playing in the background. As an arcade release, certain alterations were made to create a more difficult task and to collect more money from players - though credits are simply added at the click of a button for this eShop edition. However, having unlimited continues does not make the game easy, as using one returns you to the first level of the current world.

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