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The Actual printout procedure through the PC or Laptop

Jayson John (2022-05-03)

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When all the things necessary for the print are ready and the printer is ready to take the printout than the process of taking the printout comes. This includes management of the driver as well as setting the print parameters.

Turn on the printer as well as the device such as Pc or Laptop from which you are going to give a print protocol.
Connect the wire to the printer. Make sure that there is no interruption between the printer’s printing site
Now open any document whether it is in pdf format, word format, excel format, PowerPoint slides, or any other format.
There is a file section in the left upper corner of the word, excel, or PowerPoint files or there is a direct pint option available in the pdf format.
If you do not find the print option among any options on the screen, simply press ‘Ctrl + P‘.
A window will appear which will consist of a list for the selection of the printer, the number of pages to print, orientation of the print, Colourful or black and white print, margins of the print as well as the number of the copies to print.
After selecting the appropriate options listed in the print section, a demo page of the print will display on the right side of the screen.
It will indicate the form and how your print is going to display.
Now simply click on the print option and the printer will start printing the desired document.
This is all about the printing procedure from the device with (Pc or Laptop).

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