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Steps to follow for the connection of printer with Wi-Fi

Lilly jey (2022-05-03)

En respuesta a canon com/ijsetup

Turn on the wifi router. Make sure the router is at a quite comfortable distance from the printer as there will be less probability or error to occur.
Now turn on the printer switch as well as the mobile phone.
Now you will see a button named ‘Wi-Fi‘ in between the various buttons present on the printer nearby the display.
Tap the button and hold the press for up to 5-6 seconds till the blinking of the button takes place.
After the required time the blinking of the button will start as the button is transparent. The blinking will be mainly of green color. This confirms that the printer is ready for the wireless connection
Then tap on the ‘Settings‘ buttons available near the wifi button on the printer.
After tapping on the Settings option observe the screen available on the printer. There you will see a settings option.
Press the ok button on the printer. Now the sub-tabs under the settings tab will open.
Scroll down with several down arrow button clicks and then find the option ‘Network Settings‘. Press the ok button again when you are right on it.
Then find the option ‘LAN network connection‘. Press ok.
See the Wi-Fi option in the LAN network and press ok.
Now you will see a list of options of the wifi networks available in front of you on the printer screen.
Then select your appropriate wifi connection through which you are going to connect the printer with mobile.
Click the ok button when you are in front of your wifi option.
Consecutively fill up the password details in the given space.
You can put the letters starting from capital letters, small letters to the numerical using the down and up arrow key.
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