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Police Investigating Alleged Assault on Roy Keane

Rosalee Donahue (2023-09-15)

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Police have initiated an investigation after footage posted online appeared showing Keane being confronted by a fan following Arsenal's 3-1 victory against Manchester United on Sunday at Highbury Bar.
Keane and Richards were travelling from the studio to the pitch when they were confronted by a fan.
Crime scene investigation
The Metropolitan Police have initiated an investigation after reports that a member of the public allegedly headbutted Roy Keane at Arsenal's 3-1 win against Manchester United at Emirates Stadium, during Sky Sports coverage by Micah Richards, Roy Keane, Theo Walcott and presenter David Jones who were all present working on coverage by Sky Sports for Sky Sports coverage of this match.At that point, a man reportedly approached them from behind and made what is believed to be an attempt at hitting them both with a headbutt, striking both of them on their chins and chests with it.Footage has since surfaced online showing Richards pinning down an individual and grabbing their shirt, as Keane appears not to react at all to what appears to be an attack. Richards, 52 years old and his colleague are popular with viewers who enjoy watching them interact as individuals on screen.
Personal knowledge
The Met police have initiated an investigation following footage showing Sky Sports pundits Micah Richards and Roy Keane engaging in an apparent altercation with a fan at Arsenal Stadium on Sunday, as part of their punditry duties - along with former Arsenal player Theo Walcott and presenter David Jones.At this moment in their journey from studio to pitch-side for post-match analysis, two individuals were making their way from studio down. A member of the public apparently launched a headbutt at Keane which hit him both on his chest and chin, prompting a reactionary punchback by Keane himself.Social media clips show Richards speaking to a man and appearing to grab him by his shirt front while others watch on. Keane then moves towards them and appears to intervene to try and defuse the situation.
Video posted online shows Richards speaking to and appearing to grab at a man, while someone dressed in suit attempts to defuse the situation. Keane and Richards were at Arsenal Stadium for Sky Sports Super Sunday broadcast along with former United midfielder Theo Walcott and presenter Dave Jones.The incident took place during the final minutes of the game after Alejandro Garnacho thought his attempt at giving United a late lead had been disallowed for offside. Keane and Garnacho were making their way pitch-side for post-match analysis when someone from the public allegedly launched a headbutt at Keane which struck him on both his chin and chest, prompting police to launch an investigation into what transpired.Read More: koora live
Lines of enquiry
On social media has emerged footage showing Sky Sports pundits Micah Richards and Roy Keane engaged in an argument with an unnamed individual following Arsenal's 3-1 win over Manchester United. Richards can be seen furiously grabbing hold of an individual's shirt. The video clip has since gone viral.After the match had concluded, two were travelling between the studio and pitch to perform post-match analysis after its conclusion. An altercation is believed to have taken place near its conclusion after Alejandro Garnacho thought his goal had given United a late lead but was disallowed as offside.Police are conducting multiple lines of inquiry into this incident, such as tracking down those responsible. His next of kin have released a statement in his memory saying they cherish his loyalty and fun-loving personality.Read More: كورة لايف
Keane has been charged with two counts of bringing the game into disrepute after footage surfaced of him being restrained by Micah Richards, one of his Sky Sports colleagues, during Arsenal's victory against Manchester United at Emirates Stadium on Sunday. It is understood that this incident took place.Keane was reportedly approached by an individual who tried to headbutt him while walking towards pitch-side from studio for post-match analysis after Alejandro Garnacho had his late goal disallowed for offside.
Keane could claim that his challenge to the teenager was self-defence as football tackles are part
of the game; however, for this defense to work successfully it would require proof that Keane didn't anticipate causing serious harm in doing so.

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