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Open Banking Payment Solutions by Ecommerces

marko paul (2022-12-30)

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Using new technologies, the Payments Clarity revolution is improving financial services for everyone by reducing costs and increasing efficiency. The banking industry is undergoing a transformation, allowing customers to benefit from better products and services through data collection. The service must not pose a security risk to consumers or businesses.

Several financial institutions and technology companies recognize the benefits of allowing third parties to collect and share data with them for the benefit of their customers. Due to security concerns, banks have traditionally kept all transaction and account information for their customers. Thus, information can be accessed seamlessly and quickly, and it can also be anonymized. Banking data can be accessed by third parties through open banking solutions.

It was once common for banks to share data using screen scraping, which required users to enter their bank's username and password every time they used a third-party service. In addition to being unreliable, these methods posed a significant security risk to consumers and businesses.

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